Individually handcrafted, using the finest material and fabrics, Cil de Kolda jewelry bags bring elegance and refinement to any occasion.

Each unique piece reflects the creativity, passion, inspiration and attention to details that Cil de Kolda brings to all her artwork, from photography, picture frames, hand made scarf, interior decoration and now beautifully designed jewelry bags and necklaces.

Throughout her worldwide travels which took her to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and of course her native home town, Paris, she discovered and brought together all the elements used in creating each handbag, from Japanese satin ribbon and yarn, Murano glass, Swarovski crystal, antique African beads, pearls, silk, semi precious and precious stones, antique Thai silver beads, exquisite silk for lining. She has created the unique and beautiful palette that defines her work.

Cil’s jewelry bags reflect the diverse cultures and people she has encountered in her travels and combine with an eye-catching flair and timeless quality in each and every piece she created.

Feel free to contact Cil if you would like to know more about special custom made designer jewelry bags.